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Piston type air compressor and screw type air compressor performance comparison
Piston type air compressor for reciprocating movement mechanism, this can not eliminate the inertia force, the runtime vibration, high noise, piston type air compressor larger installation needs fixed basic specialized. Screw air compressor for rotary motion mechanism, balance is very good, the small vibration, low noise, no need to install base.
Piston type air compressor is reciprocating intermittent supply, gas flow pulsation operation, high speed of screw compressor, gas smoothly, without flow pulsation, can meet the requirements of high volume users demand.
Piston type air compressors are basically no automatic control system. Screw compressor automatic control and protection system, which belongs to the electromechanical integration products, to facilitate the management and maintenance of equipment, but also to maximize the reduction of energy consumption.
Screw type air compressor may allow higher speed, so the structure of the same volume ratio of piston air compressor exhaust volume is much smaller, the compressor discharge amount of the same power is much more. Add internal cooler so the exhaust temperature than piston type air compressor to low 50~60 degrees.
If the use of types of too much, too scattered, not for equipment management, but also to increase the number of parts, is bound to increase the daily operation cost. At the same time, scattered layout more drama to the production environment pollution.
Piston type air compressor in the piston ring wear, run time despite the oil scraper ring on the piston, but there will still be a lot of channeling oil into a cylinder, with the development of exhaust gas. So on the one hand, reduce the gas quality, on the other hand also increase fuel consumption. Screw air compressor with high oil gas separation and filtration equipment, air quality is high, the oil consumption is low. It is based on the relevant departments, the use of many domestic enterprises in the low pressure compressor, the phasing out of high operating costs, low reliability of piston compressor, screw compressor to replace sb. efficient, in the developed countries has become a reality.
As described above, in order to reduce production costs, increase economic efficiency, convenient equipment management.
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