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Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Located on the southern tip of the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou Panyu Industrial Demonstration Park CRE Industrial Park, is a professional air compressor research, development and production of large enterprises. Is one of China's largest professional screw air compressor manufacturers. Company building area of over 27,000 square meters, with modern management, twelve international advanced production assembly line, more than 80 technical engineers; technicians more than 100 people; sales and service network throughout the country. Advanced equipment, perfect detection means. The company has consistently uphold the European advanced design concepts and superb production technology, and continue to develop new production processes and strengthen detection means. 2013 giant air compressor has been selected as Guangdong famous brand.
Guangdong Jufeng Compressor Design, manufacturing, high starting point, advanced technology, superior level of systematization, its core competencies to guide the development trend of the industry, stable and reliable, advanced energy efficient microcomputer program control system, can be precisely controlled, multi-machine interaction, remote control, through a comprehensive national energy efficiency standards, more energy saving. Improve the quality assurance manual, advanced production process, control management program files comprehensive, standardized, ensuring high quality brand name products giant wind, stable and durable.Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In addition to JuFeng screw Air compressor brands, as well as ODF and ADF screw air compressor two independent brands.
Our products have been marketed for many years of continuous growth of over 70%, creating a miracle compressor industry, highly educated, highly qualified personnel structure accounted for a large, 5SManagement System to ensure that the "JUFENG" long-term, sustained, high growth development foundation.
With strong financial and technical strength, Guangdong giant wind research, development and manufacturing capacity has reached the international advanced level. Products have been widely used in machinery, medical, textile, electricity, automobiles, building materials Germany, Italy advanced technology company to join the company in screw air compressor manufacturing technology and then on to a new level, which product quality has reached world-class, with European and American markets. Exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia more than 50 countries and regions.
Whether pre-sale, sale, as long as you need technical help and advice will be given within 24 hours of unpaid provide Technical Support, during the warranty period, the user receives notification of equipment failure, service engineers 24 arrived at the scene within hours, the company's deep faith service users!
We firmly believe: Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd is a professional manufacturer of air compressors you can trust is your most trusted partner¡£
JF ODF ADF Compressor system to provide you with the best compressor solution¡£
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