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The next few years good prospects of air compressor
The air compressor and the electricity, water, steam and known as the four major industrial energy, is widely used in industrial, mining, engineering industry, medical industry and agriculture, is one of the popular energy after power. The industry to provide air power for the downstream industry, its development will drive the steel chemical, metallurgy, power electronics, other important industries. Therefore, the development of air compressor industry should actively respond to the demand environment, reasonable layout in optimization, integration, strengthen innovation, expand the growth space.
China's air compressor market has entered a brand-new in 2013, this year China's air compressor market has been in the high-end scale expansion, at the same time, the national macro-control means to increase, to pay attention to efficiency and quality of planning have been introduced, energy-saving products of air compressor promotion rules have hair cloth, is expected over the next few years China's air compressor annual growth rate of around 11%, have the technical advantage, energy-saving advantages of leading enterprises will continue to increase, for multi level in new application field.
With the promotion of China's energy-saving air compressor, the market to more efficient and cleaner energy technology level is improved, the market is expected to a year over the next five years can grow 5%. domestic enterprises can also depend on the mode of merger & acquisition, injection mode, flexible and tracking the market, technology, production cost and wide area network advantage, more opportunities to seize the demand caused by rising.
The next few years, China's compressor industry annual growth rate at around 11%, screw machine instead of the piston machine is the biggest anticipation, replacement demand of screw air compressor is still continue. At present, the air compressor listed leading enterprises including pioneer shares, Shaanxi momentum, Jin Tongling and so on, these enterprises in the depth of the mining potential customers, the progressive realization of the import substitution, have certain contribution in the common research innovation. Contract energy management model will help in saving energy productivity, market development green air compressor products will gradually strong.
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