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Screw air compressor head card death causes and coping
Screw air compressor head card death causes and solutions, we first analyze reasons:
One, first of all is the lack of lubricating oil
1 long-term disabled (including transport), Ingersoll Rand air compressor fittings head internal oil shortage, caused by instantaneous short of oil, resulting in the death card, so the long downtime of equipment to turn head add enough oil, longer machine;
2 the machine running oil supply shortage, including oil change or add is not timely, or oil plug, leakage, resulting in the lack of oil card;
The 3 level is too low to the 2 end of the screw rotor bearing without lubrication during operation, causing severe wear of the Yin and Yang bearing screw friction card (hold)
Two, air compressor bearing aging
Serious wear and tear, specific detection of bearing wear degree can not remove bearing, a bearing inner lower side needle or ball, as can easily toggle that needs to be changed; with the running time of the air compressor air compressor head goes, overhaul bearing will produce wear, which is caused by the screw to produce axial and radial movement value is increased, the changes will make the gap between the screw, screw and screw with the host shell and a rear face of change. The gap change is normal, allowed in terms of bearing life, allowing the resulting air compressor gas attenuation and a drive motor load increase is normal, the. However, when the screw air compressor accessories bearing wear and the host with the gap exceeds the allowed limit, there may be serious consequences. For example: there are 1 mm thick so a piece of iron in, also may be the death card. First of all, the friction between the host will, internal screw and the front and rear ends of screw and the frame, the motor load increased dramatically, the most serious consequence of screw locking even for screw end face and the assembly of end face friction * node so that the host (nose) scrap (if the motor protection response is not sensitive or failure may cause motor * destroyed). Secondly, the air compressor production greatly reduced volume occurred, may affect the normal production of gas unit.
Three. Too many impurities, including oil impurities, coke, coke. So choose air compressor oil lubricating oil replacement key; easier to use inferior lubricating oil or extended occurs when using the host (nose) seizure accident.
Professional maintenance of screw compressor, helps to extend the service life of the air compressor, air compressor maintenance is an important expenditure, so please compressor operation of professional staff are.
Screw air compressor mainframe (nose) solution card dead: (1) chemical cleaning after the dismantling. (2) manual dismantling. (3) the hydraulic method dismantling. (4) electrolysis dismantling.
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